I thought the simple secret had to be respect the aura of the place, where the Poecylia took shape. I thought this because I have seen wonderful sites, irreversibly damaged by the non-compliance and not love. The aim is that guests feel at home, and perceive the story of our lives. The desire is that even guests open their soul, especially to themselves. I would like to share the incredible mystery of this world, the consciousness of being, that every single creature warns, according to the form in which it happened.
I wish the sound of silence, the boundless starry skies, the wind, the scents of nature, give the opportunity to the visitor to perceive, albeit for a few unbearable moment, the intimate Essence of Being "


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Poecylia is the realization of a dream dating back to the 1970s, when Piero Giaculli imagined an ideal place for meditation, his buen retiro. A refuge conceived so as to preserve the features of a lifestyle belonging to other times.
The idea took shape in the early 80s, when Piero Giaculli bought old houses and land along the west coast of the island of San Pietro.

In later years he realized his plan, and then shared it with Simona Iurza fell in love with him and his visionary ideas.


Poecylia The name originated in the name of two small fishes photographed by Piero Giaculli, in 1995, in a cenote in Mexico's Yucatan region.
The peculiarity and the uniqueness of this photograph, remained still, after many years, the only one ever in nature, is the way in which they were portrayed as if the one were the exact mirror image of 'another, but not through a simple reflection of the water, but in mirror image with which the fishes are placed one facing the other.
The photographic research of Piero Giaculli never had biological purposes, techniques, or sensationalist, but it is always addressed to the previsualization of a reality that there is a perception only for a moment.
This photograph, for its exceptional, as indeed many other its extraordinary images, was recognized worldwide.


It was later attributed, by storyteller English Bernard Anson, a second, and incredible, meaning that raised unanswered questions and mysterious coincidences.
The Poecylia is Poikilos, which, according to Euripides, is the place, the cliff of 'Accipitrum insula (island of hawks), the current St. Peter's, where Europe, the moon goddess, was abducted by Zeus, disguised as a white bull, and brought the island of Crete ...
"... Poikilos to be precise (ref, Poecilonym (Gk) is a space Which replicates other similar spaces eg palindrome or labrys)"
"Poecilonym: It's an old synonym for synonym ..."
"Palindrome (from ancient greek πάλιν" again "and δρóμος" path ", meaning" that can be traversed in both directions ") is a sequence of characters which, read backwards, it remains unchanged ...
Word, phrase, towards or digit that can be read from left to right and vice versa ... "

As the photograph of the two minnows portraits by Piero Giaculli.
Whichever way you look at them, or read them, nothing changes: the picture is always the same!
Edil whose name is just Poecylia ...
The most mysterious question is this: Piero Giaculli photographed in 1995 two minnows Poecylia as if each were the other, or himself, a mirror.
in 2008 Piero Giaculli called Poecylia this dwelling, which, unbeknownst to him, was a mythological place of antiquity, whose ancient name was just Poikilos, aka Poecilonym, Palindrome, Labrys: two entities that are mirror images of one o'clock of the other, and opposed to one another, and as if they were the same thing, the same entity


The island of San Pietro has been known since ancient history.

Many of its coastlines has always had a mere geographical knowledge.

Piero Giaculli, for one, has unveiled, discovered and made known, through his photographs, a place granted in a general and superficial knowledge.

A place ignored and almost confined. Through its vibrant images, the first, and unique, this particular stretch of coast, have been unveiled scenarios, and atmospheres, of great sanctity and aura, were, at least in part, miraculously intact.





At our guests’ disposal there is an infinite garden, whose origin lies in the polychromatic ochre, jasper and manganese, stones from the old mines of Becco and which extends into the Mediterranean sea through the luxuriant shrubbery and fuchsia, purple and orange bouganvillea, with incredible, spectacular cliffs and and exclusive Jurassic pebble beach. In the last century, the famous German writer and philosopher Ernst Jünger came to this very place to study and swim. Jünger had a love for Sardinia, Carloforte and the island of San Pietro.Countless natural solariums are disseminated throughout, from the guest rooms right down to the sea. Immense spaces, all differing from one another. During their holiday, guests need only find their own exclusive corner of paradise, in the daytime, at dawn and at dusk, or at nighttime, beneath a roof of stars. Poecylia is the door to the infinite.




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The Italian Touring Club and The Poecylia


From 2014 the Touring Club Italiano has included the Poecylia Resort in its historical guide to Italian hotels and restaurants, “Alberghi e Ristoranti d’Italia”, rating it as one of the best Italian accommodation facilities and awarding it the “Corona del Touring”, or “Touring Crown”, as well as including it in the exclusive section “Stanze Italiane” (“Italian rooms”), which features hotels and restaurants judged by the Touring experts to combine high quality and a moderate cost. The TCI hotel and restaurant guide is the result of extensive research throughout the country and is conceived to satisfy the needs of a broad clientele, who, thanks to the suggestions of Touring Club Italiano, can orient themselves among traditional establishments and innovative and captivating offerings. In 2015, the Touring has included thePoecylia in the prestigious guide book: “Top Charmethe top 100 residences of author most beautiful in Italy“.

The Guide is drawn up in an authoritative and transparent manner; inspections take place anonymously and often based on reports from members and readers. In view of growing public dissatisfaction with the hotel and restaurant ratings to be found on travel websites, which base their Internet success on often anonymous, inaccurate reviews, as well as with the ratings published yearly in tourist guides and magazines, where the same local establishments with the right connections always appear, Touring has felt the need to revise the contents of its guide through careful research across the country and has considerably broadened its selection of establishments meeting the following requirements: a pleasant and striking position: in a tranquil area of a historical city centre or in the country or in nature; an architecturally dignified building, better if a historic or in any case a typical one; not large, with 50 rooms at most; common rooms and bedrooms with original decor, not “standardized” furnishings, careful attention to detail: rugs, curtains, paintings, knickknacks and decorative elements, good quality linens; a comfortable, but not ostentatious interior; simple, but charming guest rooms, with well furnished bathrooms; helpful, courteous, reliable staff and a warm welcome, a familylike atmosphere but professional service; a rich Italianstyle breakfast, and high quality, genuine products: an extra merit if cakes, sweets, jams and bread are homemade.

A restaurant featuring regional cuisine, with attention to details and in particular to the origin of foods; Hotels where quality is commensurate with price. A highly authoritative panel of judges selects a limited number of hotels distributed over six areas of Italy: Sicily and Sardinia, Southern and Central Italy, Northwest and Northeast. These hotels receive a “Stanze Italiane” certificate, a distinction awarded to accommodation facilities that offer high quality, charm, personality, an attentive welcome and professionalism. The most coveted and prestigious Italian award is a source of pride for the Poecylia Resort, one that rewards the art, taste and creativity of its creator, Piero Giaculli, and, to an equal extent, the love, passion and professional commitment of Simona Iurza. All this to offer guests the very best welcome in a unique, exclusive property.


The Poecylia Resort is situated in the wildest and most remote part of the island of San Pietro, in front of the South-Western coast of Sardinia, and island of San Antioco, in the region of Sulcis. Just one tipycal town on the island, Carloforte, distant 8 km from Poecylia. Ferry boat to Carloforte from tipical fishermen harbour of Calasetta, of San Antioco island.
A hermitage, a timeless retreat, where a still uncontaminated nature, art and poetry could blend together with simplicity. A philosophy to be shared, in the name of hospitality, with those driven by a similar spiritual quest. 


The magical world of Poecylia is not suited to everyone: in some cases it is even contraindicated. In particular for those who are dependent on a typical lifestyle of our contemporary era, on technology, on the stereotypical, standardized luxuries and comfort characteristic of our times, which are demanded in a conventional home or hotel or bed and breakfast.
Poecylia is not a suitable place for a frenetic, hurried modern traveller who is just passing through, who is accustomed to and intent on planning the perfect trip, is looking for the perfect hotel. Time passes slowly at Poecylia, where one experiences a pure and simple luxury, which cannot be expressed and described in words, but can be perceived only by those who enjoy it as a personal cultural and spiritual wealth. Poecylia is not a hotel, it is not a bed and breakfast. Poecylia is like a home where people can rediscover themselves, an island of meditation and relaxation.


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